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Hello! I am so glad you visited my site!

I am an intuitive spiritual healer with the ability to read energy. This allows me to see what emotions a person is carrying so I can help release heavy energy like fear and sadness and bring in lighter energy like love and peace. This can help bring clarity, balance and understanding to a persons life. I can also connect with angels and passed loved ones for closure, guidance and affirmations.


For about a decade, I worked for various businesses doing design advertising and graphics but it wasn't until I experienced a series of traumatic events that caused me to change career paths. These events left me no choice but to open up to my spiritual gifts and abilities that I have had since a child and has led me on a path that I truly love. I now help people connect with their own spiritual path by helping them understand what is keeping them from moving forward, causing them pain and helping them to co-create the life they desire.

I am also a Licensed Massaged Therapist, Certified Medical Massage Practitioner and Certified Cupping Therapist. I can help reduce muscle pain through Relaxation or Corrective massage. I currently work part time at a chiropractor's office and many of my clients have suffered pain from injuries or different diagnoses. My license number is MT127976. I uphold the standards and polices of the Department of State Health Services for Massage Therapy and Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

I am also a Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist (CRTS 1452). This technique applies pure therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living onto your spine and bottoms of feet to help bring balance to the body. Essential oils has taken the place of perfumes and most over the counter medicines in my home. I do not prescribe, cure or treat any illness, but help the body achieve homeostasis. Essential oils help bring balance to the body and can help purify your life.

I am also a Licensed Spiritual Healer. My license number is SHL 3084 with the Spiritual Healer License Board. I offer spiritual healing sessions to help feel lighter and calmer. I also offer passed loved one readings to help connect with those who have passed on, card readings for guidance and house clearings to remove any disruptive energies.

I have studied under many spiritual teachers to help develop my own intuitive path. I have combined years of study and my own intuition to create a unique set of skills, gifts and abilities.

Hope to talk to you soon!

With love and light,











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